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Angels in Stittsville

Here's the proof there are angels in Stittsville Arnprior Chronicle-Guide Last week two ladies entered the Dandelion Kids Store in Stittsville. They were looking to help out a family of five with much needed help getting ready for … [Read More...]

Volunteers Wanted

Wow we have great drop offs just waiting to go on the floor Our volunteer program is set up to benefit all of us. For every hour of help us, you receive $10 of in store credit. This can be used for items for your children or gifts or the … [Read More...]

Teen Designer Clothing

Dandelion Kids is growing up. We have so many NEW consigners bringing in their TEEN clothing. We now have the designer labels your teens are looking for. Such as Hollister, Abercrombie, AE ,Joshua, Lulu, and many more. Over the last year our … [Read More...]